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Feb 23, 2013 6:30pm EST
of thousands of jobs and the tens of millions of dollars those jobs bring to the local economy. >> i've also been very clear that there's an alternative. >> reporter: the president is using the potential loss of jobs to push congressional republicans into a deal, a deal that would lower the deficit by closing tax loopholes on higher income americans. >> are they seriously prepared to inflict more pain on the middle class because they refuse to ask anything more of those at the very top? >> reporter: but republicans say no deal on the sequester until the president proposes more spending cuts. >> so the question is why won't he work with us? and the answer, quite simply, is because he wants higher taxes. >> reporter: what both sides want is to blame sequestration on each other, and now, there is no parent movement toward compromise. the president has asked to speak to congressional republicans, but, jim no serious talks or negotiations have been scheduled. >> axelrod: thank you, wyatt. as the budget cuts draw closer consider this-- the federal government does $500 billion worth of business wit
Feb 16, 2013 6:00pm PST
to a better economy. these investors in these companies feel good about their prospects. of course they have very low interest rates record low interest rates that they can borrow to help finance those purchases. and the shareholders in these companies feel like they're get a fair deal because stock prices are back close to record levels. activities are back to levels we haven't seen since before the great recession and i think that means the country is getting back to normal. >> axelrod: so confidence is going tow produce deals but i think what a lot of people want to know is what does that mean for job creation? >> good question. in the near term, i think it means job losses because most mergers and acacquisitions are about cost cutting although in the deals being done now i think cost cutting will be more modest than in times past. but in the longer run it will mean more jobs. this is necessary to get these companies in shape, these industries in shape. in the case of american airlines/us airways, the unions are in favor of about of it because they know they have to go through this to mak
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)